Part 1 - How to Get Started with Assumptions Mapping

Part 2 - How to Design Hypotheses and Experiments.

Tools & Templates

Assumptions Mapping Template by David Bland


Open to create a mural from this template in your workspace. Powered by MURAL

Assumptions Mapping Worksheet v2.0 - Download PDF
A detailed list of questions to surface the assumptions with your team.

Persona Template v1.1 - Download PDF
A lightweight persona template to use for running customer interview and experiments.

Experiment Report Template - Google Doc
Adapted from Ash Maurya and the Toyota A3, a lean startup experiment template to help your team be disciplined when designing and running experiments.

Empathy Map - Google Doc
An alternative to the persona, used in a team setting to raise empathy for the environment of the customer.

Business Model Canvas - Google Doc
Alexander Osterwalder's canvas, translated into a sharable document.

Lean Canvas - Google Doc
Ash Maurya's adaptation of the Business Model Canvas, translated into a sharable document.

Experiment Dashboard - Trello Board
A customizable way to track your experiments at the team level.

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