Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we advise organizations on how to rapidly test in the market.

For startups and startup accelerators we offer workshops and training packages designed to help startup founders use lean startup and design thinking to rapidly find problem/solution fit and product/market fit. We also offer custom advising packages for individual startups.

For enterprises and innovation labs we offer workshops and training packages designed for emerging products and horizon 3 innovation. We use lean startup, design thinking and agile to empower cross functional teams. We also offer guidance on startup studio and innovation program design.

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"Once upon a time...

...corporations had predictable revenue with a proven business model.
Management would ensure that large projects were delivered on time, on budget and on scope.

Until one day startups were entering the market, growing rapidly and eating into market share.

Because of that management adopted iterative processes to release products faster. They encouraged customer discovery to find painful problems and created new business models to address emerging markets.

Until finally the corporations no longer waited for startups to disrupt them, but instead began to disrupt themselves."

David J Bland
Founder & CEO of Precoil

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  • "David's advising helped us apply lean startup to our new mobility products and services, by rapidly testing them in the market."

    vinuth rai - toyota
  • "David has graciously been spending his time training our super heroes on how to rapidly validate their startup ideas in the market."

    Tim Draper - Venture Capitalist
  • "David advises corporations on how to design business models and value propositions. Work with him to test yours before they expire and it’s too late!"

    alexander osterwalder - strategyzer
  • "David has been advising startups and enterprises on innovation accounting for years now. He's always pushing these ideas forward and mixing them together, almost like recipes."

    ash maurya - leanstack

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